How to sell your claim on FTXCreditor

Here are some tips for a quick and frictionless experience when selling your claim on FTXCreditor.

1Check Claim Value

Paste your Customer Code on the FTXCreditor homepage search field to check the value of your claim. You should find your Customer Code in the FTX Bankruptcy documentation that was provided to you by Kroll over email.

2Fill out Preliminary Form

Provide the KYC information and specific transaction records requested. You can do so on our Sell your Claim page.

3Receive Offer

After submitting the form, expect an email with a preliminary offer within 12 hours.

4Schedule & Attend Meeting

If the offer is acceptable, complete the KYC and schedule an online meeting through Calendly. Conducted via Zoom, this meeting involves verifying your identity and claim details without needing to prepare documents in advance. You will need access to your e-mail and your account on FTX for this step. A laptop or desktop computer with a front-facing camera and Zoom installed is required.

The call will have to be done on a laptop or a desktop with a front-facing camera.

5Sign Agreement

On the call, after having verified the necessary documents, we will send you a document to sign and make the transfer official. Use DocuSign to sign the transfer agreement.

This is what our agreement looks like: FTXCreditor Transfer Agreement.

We will request a Password/2FA change before we finalize the transaction.

6Complete Transaction

Confirm the ERC20-USDC address for payment, adjust the FTX account settings as directed, and receive USDC transfer upon confirmation.

You can also read a very good detailed description of a customer's journey here.

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