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Sold my FTX claim today with @ftxcreditor_com Got way much more back than expected for a balance of less than 10,000$. Process was very smooth and professional + they won't pressure you into selling or rushing anything. Thanks lads 🙏 #FTX #FTXCREDITOR


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Just sold my FTX claim to @ftxcreditor_com 15 minute DD and payment was in my account. This is legit

Sold my claim, about 5 figures, with @ftxcreditor_com it was pretty clean, for anyone interested, DM me and I'll provide insights and real proof of the process. Pretty safe, professional guys behind it. Thanks


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Last Updated: Dec 8, 2023

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Claim values determined by our website are approximations using the debtor matrix and the schedules of claims, which can be found on the FTX docket under docket number 5203.