FTX Creditor

On March 15, FTX released 1.3M anonymized customer accounts, each representing a Schedule F unsecured creditor claim. 1.3M may be a fraction of all FTX accounts. If you had assets with FTX and your claim is not listed, you may need to file a proof of claim by a deadline for the court to treat you as a creditor. FTX Creditor is the easiest way to check that the court knows about your claim. Subscribe to notifications to avoid missing the deadline or other news affecting your claim.

Find your claim by the assets that were inside your FTX account on November 11th 2022. Set a range for each asset based on your records. Use negative values for borrowed assets. Leave min/max empty to search for any amount.

  • Narrow down your search by also specifying assets you ever traded: it is likely your FTX account has small amounts of that token still left which will help you identify your account.
  • The court will likely value assets marked as Sam Coins at $0 because of their association with SBF.